X4 motor repair

We were flying around in the park and my original X4, Crash, crashed pretty hard and a motor became unresponsive. No big deal. I spent about 5 minutes fixing it up this morning and thought I’d share a little. There’s not much to it.

I figured I needed to swap it out when I’d give it power with this result:

Taking the bottom half of the chassis off is a little tricky. After removing the screws, it takes a bit of force to pop the first arm or two out. Then it comes off nicely.


I then used the soldering iron to melt the solder and remove the bad motor. I tinned the wires (add solder to the wires directly) on the new motor and then soldered the thing on. You can see I’ve improved since the last time I swapped motors. The top left looks pretty good.


After letting it cool, I tucked the wires back in and tested it out and everything was spinning. I put the shell back on and some props and it’s good as new!


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